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Music City Center Announces May Numbers

June 24, 2014                                                               


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Charles Starks, President/CEO of the Music City Center, announced today that the building has generated over $200 million in economic impact since opening a little over a year ago.


The Music City Center has hosted 338 events with 486,681 attendees since opening in May 2013. These events generated 260,851 room nights for a total of $200 million in economic impact. Fiscal year to date, the MCC has hosted 313 events with 405,343 in attendance, generating 172,536 room nights and $190 million in economic impact. Tax collections continue to outperform projections and the Music City Center portion of tax collections was up 21.69 percent year over year for April 2014.


"We celebrated our first anniversary last month and we could not be more pleased with how our first year has gone," said Starks. "Most of the groups with us so far in 2014 have seen record attendance and because of this, we have already greatly exceeded economic impact projections. The feedback we have received from our customers has been all positive - their attendees love the facility and love coming to Nashville."


In May, the Music City Center hosted 24 events with 15,358 attendees, generating 15,277 room nights for a total of $10 million in economic impact. Some of the larger events included the DISH Network 2014 Team Summit, the National Healthy Homes Conference, and the Music City Center's first returning client, the Music City Sports Festival.


The demand continues to be strong and the MCC has already secured 2.1 million hotel room nights through 2026.